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Limited Edition Metal Flake C-Line MD3 (Spider)

Limited Edition Metal Flake C-Line MD3 (Spider)

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This Special Edition Metal Flake MD3 comes in vibrant looking Metal Flake C-line plastic. We're sure you'll quickly fall in love with this run of the MD3, as the discs feature a very low (practically flat) profile and the grip on these discs is just superb. These discs also have maybe the slightest bit less bulky hand feel than some other MD3's out there.

Flight-wise, you can expect a fairly traditional MD3 flight pattern, but in terms of general stability, these fall maybe more towards the more neutral than overstable end of the MD3 spectrum. They can handle a good amount of torque without turning over, yet provide a fairly mild, forward-pushing fade. Great choice for sidearms and long anhyzers that need to hold the angle all the way!

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