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Kastaplast Mystery Box!!!

Kastaplast Mystery Box!!!

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The Kastaplast Mystery Box is available in both 3-disc and 5-disc variations. 

Each box comes with a mix of putter, approach, midrange, fairway and distance drivers, in a variety of plastics including K1, K1 soft, K1 Glow, K3, K3 hard and K3 glow .

3 disc Box: 

- Includes a Putter, midrange or approach, and fairway or distance driver

- Guaranteed 2 premium plastic disc

5 disc Box: This box takes it up a notch! 

- 1 Tour Series or Special Edition Disc

Guaranteed 4 premium plastic discs


Special Requests: You may leave color preference/requests in the comments and we will do our best to accommodate. (Not Guaranteed) 


(Discs in the pictures above are examples only)

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