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The Wave is a stable-understable high speed distance driver.

The Wave is best described as a longer Inertia, with a stable-understable flight profile and a responsiveness that makes it useful across the power spectrum. The Wave is the type of driver that players may bag in two or more weights for shot variety. For the most powerful throws, long gliding turnovers and hyzerflip gut shots are possible with the Wave. For average powered throws the Wave will simply extend a variety of lines, from anhyzers to hyzerflips to headwind-assisted turnovers.

11 | 5 | -2 | 2
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carter Nystrom
This Wave Makes Me Look Better Than I Deserve

You don't often find a game changing disc, but I did. The Wave Disc, at the correct weight for your arm and age is a forehand dream. It makes tunnel shots fun, it goes farther than anything I own ( I have many, many discs.) It doesn't appreciate much anhyzer, but just the right anhyzer will reward you.

Evan Bargiel
Newer favorite driver

Light wave can hyzer flip like a dream and when ripped flat had the best narrow turn, on anny it will still fight out at the end